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About Maxi Taxi Hub

In Melbourne maxi-taxi is a convenient way to get from the Airport/Home/Market to your destination. Taxi in Melbourne are run by private companies.
Maxi Taxi Hub provides you with door-to-door passenger transportation service in city. Traveling as a group can be a really difficult when it comes to transportation from the airport and also to enjoy variety of activities. On the other hand with the most effective Maxi taxi service, you can just make one phone call or Book Online and be guaranteed that you, your family or friends will be able to travel in comfort and style without having to pay very expensive sum.

Why Maxi Taxi Hub

■ At Maxi Taxi Hub, we aim to redefine the taxi industry by exceeding customer expectations in providing service.
■ Maxi Taxi Hub Airport driver is experienced professional and well knowledgeable.
■ We prides ourselves in providing punctual and honest service.
■ Maxi Taxi Hub also of fers price quote includes toll rates and all other charges in it. The fare prices we offer are very competitive.
■ Our Maxi Taxis are clean and up to industry standard.
■ Our drivers ensures safety of passengers and don’t drive away until passengers enter their home safely.
■ We will keep track of your flight and call you once your flight lands and you will never have to wait.
■ All our drivers are experienced and have also passed Melbourne knowledge test. Booking Taxis with Maxi Taxi Hub is an easy affair for the clients. Therefore, our range of customers is increasing each day.

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We are one of the very few Taxi companies which provides prepaid option. You can pay with any international Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

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Once booked, Maxi Taxi reaches at the point of pickup 5 mins before required time to help passengers with ease and convenience.

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